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Selling Or Wish To Trade? Let Me Know...

What This Is:

Ok. So, this page is basically here to showcase what I am after for the ever-growing collection. If you have any of the listed below, please get in touch! I may offer to buy a digital rip of it, or the actual item itself, depending if it's the right one and if you want to have a clear out. I shall try my best to offer a fair price. Regarding value and worth, nothing is really that rare in the Sneaker Pimps collectors world, apart from the custom 'Bloodsport Greeflash Dunlop' sneakers that the band had made a limited run of, to promote the 'Bloodsport' album - which I am lucky to own! Everything else pops up on eBay from time to time. Only ideally I need it all now - now that I am running this legacy site, so I can try and showcase everything possible that's out there. The images below show the actual images of what I'm after, but the list will denote it in more detail. If you have anything on here I'd be interested in, should you have it, send a message - I don't bite!

The List:

Press Photos (mostly from the 'Splinter'/'Bloodsport' era. See below for specific images required)

Press packs (a record company file containing band info and sometimes a photo)

'Scissors Paper Stone' CD's (early rendition of the 'Splinter' album. So far, it is unknown if tracks differ from the original album)

'Splinter Instrumentals' (a promotional CDr disc of album instrumentals or lossless rip, not the free MP3 download from the original website)

'Splinter Master Mix' CD's (Mark Stent's studio discs put out over the course of the 'Splinter' album recording sessions or lossless rip)

'Becoming X' Demos (ones that are not listed here or Discogs, such as the Chris Corner demos or lossless rip)

'Splinter' Demos (ones that are not listed here or Discogs or lossless rip)

'Bloodsport' Demos (ones that are not listed on here or Discogs or lossless rip)

Any general posters, adverts or clippings that aren't on here (preferably in good condition)

Concert photos (There's a lot on here, but they're all in low quality - I can provide scanning in!)

Live bootlegs (ideally ones that aren't on YouTube and that need digitising - I can do it and have the tech - DAT/cassette etc.)

Stickers (preferably ones that haven't been used)

Postcards (ones that aren't featured on here - addresses will be blurred out)

ICA memorabilia (such as the paper dragons and the ICA flyers)

Tickets (scans only)

'SP4' album in lossless or 320KBPS (they were released at a bitrate of 320KBPS but only 192KBPS seem to circulate)

'Loretta Young Silks' alternate music video (withheld but still leaked to the internet at release)

Background tour visuals (some are out there, such as the 'Becoming X' and 'Bloodsport' ones)

Items Needed:

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