Squaring The Circle (2021)



About Squaring The Circle:

After nearly 20 years, it was announced in 2021 that there would finally be another album released. From around 2015, when Liam Howe had opened the official Sneaker Pimps Twitter, there had been constant ins and outs of plans to release a fourth album, but with several circumstances behind the scenes that had factors in delaying this, it took six years after the initial teaser from Liam on social media to come to fruition. The album was teased via cryptic, evolving images of cubes released each day over the course of a week in April, 2021. These gradually made up the album artwork which denoted the ancient mathematical problem known as 'Squaring The Circle', which Liam himself described as coming full circle with Chris and attempting the impossible after all these years - releasing a new album. Compared to the recording process of earlier Sneaker Pimps releases, this one would prove to have many challenges due to Liam living in London and producing other artists, Chris living in the Californian desert (also working with other artists such as Gary Numan) and managing his own work and Simonne Jones, the newly introduced co-vocalist, caught in-between it all with the lingering and deadly Corona Virus stopping all from being in physical contact. The album had apparently been in the works since the 2006 leaked demos, which also reflects the fact that several of the songs on this album were meant for that abandoned project. With Simonne now on vocals alongside Chris, this makes it the first Sneaker Pimps album to share vocals (with the exception of back-ups from Sue Denim and Zoe Durrant on previous works). As usual, like the classic credit, Ian Pickering was also re-acquired for work on lyrics, but Joe Wilson and Dave Westlake were not on board (for reasons unknown), referencing back to the early 'Becoming X' days.

Standard CD Edition:

01: Fighter

02: Squaring The Circle

03: Love Me Stupid

04: Pink Noise

05: No Show

06: Stripes

07: Child In The Dark

08: Black Rain

09: Alibis

10: Lifeline

11: The Paper Room

12: Immaculate Hearts

13: So Far Gone

14: Come Like The Cure

15: S.O.S.

16: The Tranquillity Trap

2LP Edition:

A1: Fighter

A2: Squaring The Circle

A3: Love Me Stupid

A4: Pink Noise

B1: No Show

B2: Stripes

B3: Child In The Dark

B4: Black Rain

C1: Alibis

C2: Lifeline

C3: The Paper Room

C4: Immaculate Hearts

D1: So Far Gone

D2: Come Like The Cure

D3: S.O.S.

D4: The Tranquillity Trap



The Personnel:



Simonne Jones: Vocals, keyboards and programming

Chris Corner: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming and lyrics

Liam Howe: Keyboards, programming and lyrics

Janine Gezang: Vocals and keyboards

Ian Pickering: Lyrics

Singles Released: