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Get In Touch With Sneaker Pimps Legacy:

Have anything to contribute, be it stories, information, pictures of any type, or anything else? Then feel free to 'Superbug' me, using the contact form below! I will try my best to get back to you as quick as possible.

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Is this site official?

Yes and no. It is an official fan's effort to preserve as much as possible of a truly legendary band, but it is not an official Sneaker Pimps website and it is not run by anyone in the band.

Is the stuff on the Merch page for sale?

Sadly, not. In time, I may decide to sell some of my collection, mainly duplicates or rare stuff, but it is solely a page to show oddities and collectables that are out there. If I do so, be sure to check the Site News page.

Why did you choose to make this website, after all this time?

Well first, I would've just started high-school back in 2003, when the band slowly split up and secondly, it was sad to see the numerous, original fan websites had all gone and with the new Sneaker Pimps touring act stealing their name, all search results for the band we know was diverted to them and so something had to be done!

Are you a web-designer?

Not at all. In fact, I am not even experienced in this, even though you see everything here and nothing has blown up yet, I have no background in this, but, I am told by people that they are happy with the site and how good it supposedly looks, so that's nice! It takes a lot of time and money, but I am happy that it will stay here for as long as I can let it, or at least complete it and if it does go off air, it can be viewed in the 'Wayback Machine'.

Does the site work on a mobile?

After a long time of optimising, yes, but personally, I'd prefer people to experience it on a full-screened PC or tablet. It will work fine on a mobile, but obviously, a lot of things will be changed and compressed to fit the smaller screen size.

Do you have contact with the band?

Kind of. I am very self aware and would not like to come across as big-headed or a pest, but I have had contact with several members of the band, mainly as advice and help, with the few, extremely kind donations from some (all noted below!) and they've all been amazingly generous in the process.

Where can I purchase music that will directly benefit the band?

Well, for the first two albums, 'One Little Independent' records still have copies for sale and seem to repress them regularly, but 'Bloodsport' lies with 'Tommy-Boy' records and so the complications start, but sealed copies can still be found on 'eBay' and 'Amazon', but obviously wont benefit anyone other than the retailer.

Do you prefer Kelli's voice or Chris' voice?

The Kelli subject is still rife and so I will answer it honestly - I think 'Becoming X' is perfect for Kelli's voice, but 'Splinter' and 'Bloodsport' 100% suit Chris'. Out of the two, I have had more exposure with Chris singing on an extra two albums over Kelli's single effort on 'Becoming X' and so I'd have to choose Chris. Regardless of the decision, Liam and Chris have since met Kelli and the hatchet has long been buried!

What is your favourite album?

Without a doubt, 'Splinter'. The album has helped me through some tough times and so I owe a lot to it.

What is your favourite song?

It would have to be a tough tie between 'Bloodsport' and 'Spin Spin Sugar'. Two dance masterpieces!

If you could pick one tour to have witnessed, what would it be?

 It would be the 'Becoming X' tour. The start of a wonderful few years - to have seen it would have been brilliant.

How much have you spent on your collection?

A lot!

Do you get thanked from any members of the band?

Yes. Something I will admit I find very hard is just running the site as is, as I am conscious of people thinking I do it for something in return - this is all done off my own back, but a thanks and so on is much appreciated and warm-welcomed.

What do you do in your spare time?

Apart from cleaning/driving my beloved car and putting beans on a shelf, this.

What do you look like?

It's hard to describe, so see below!

Where are you from?

I'm from the U.K.

How old are you?

I was born in 1993.

What do you think of the new album?

I've heard people say they hate it (yes, hard to believe), but I honestly have to say I think it is absolutely fantastic and think it's possibly their best work!

Which output do your prefer more: 'AMP' or 'ArtBleedsMoney'?

Since the last work we really got to hear from Liam was 'Ultrafox', I have to go with 'AMP'. Although I do like the noodling on the synths from Chris, a hard choice, but for me it's Mr. Howe!

*Any more that appear will be added here!*

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Support Sneaker Pimps Legacy:

I'm personally not fond of the idea for asking for money, but a few people have recommended that I have an option on here to donate via 'Paypal'. I have put a lot of time into making this site and I plan to keep it going for as long as possible, but with that comes renewal costs - which are quite expensive. I'm not directly asking for a donation, but if you would be as kind to make one, I'd be extremely grateful, no matter what amount and if you wish, I can add you to the list below, as a special thanks. Having a part-time job and a car to run makes saving money very hard.

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Special donation thanks to:

Benjamin Czuchra

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Michael Toole

Unfall Productions

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Kristine Slett

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Benjamin Acosta

Special Thanks:

Neil Le Gris, Rankin, Bartlomiej Pawlowski, 'The Light Surgeons', Kristine Slett, Bree Ravioli, Tom Gidley, Juan Marquez, Paris Hampton, George Howe, Liam Howe, Simon Pykett, Vickie Hallam, Benjamin Czuchra, Jackson Bradford, Ian Pickering, Sue Denim, Zoe Durrant, Alan Watling, Richard Young, Michael Toole, Kelli Ali, Jon Snow, Scott Mason, Benjamin Acosta, Michael Alan Giller, Lillian Duncan, Joe Wilson, Amy Shank, Christophe Godfroid - your advice, support and generosity is much appreciated.

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