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Have anything to contribute, be it stories, information, pictures of any type, or anything else - feel free to ''Superbug'' me, using the contact form below! I will try my best to get back to you as quick as possible.

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''Sneaker Pimps Legacy'' is just a fan site. It is not endorsed by anyone from, or relating to the band in any way. I have tried to make it as copyright free as I can: as much as I would like to, I have not featured any unapproved music, videos or downloadable content on this site. If there is anything on here that I have posted which you do not want featured here, please let me know, with good reason and I shall sort it out immediately. I will not be held responsible if any damage is caused to your device, as this is a tested, safe and virus free site. Regarding the new guidelines surrounding ''GDPR'', I don't store anyone's data without permission. However, I do ask if you are visiting this site, that you sign the optional ''Guestbook'', which shows me and the band (who apparently visit this site every once in a while) how many Sneaker Pimps fans are still out there. I am not making any money from this site (it's actually the opposite!) and it is here in good faith to pay tribute to a one of the best bands to emerge from the 1990's.  Sadly, the content on the ''Merch Stand'' page is not for sale, as a lot of people have asked. The page is basically there to explain what type of merchandise was issued when the band was still going (with the exception of interesting additions that I happen to own). To experience this site in the best possible way, please use a PC or Mac, preferably with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. It can be viewed with a phone or tablet, but the dimensions and titles are adjusted to fit the proportions of your screen, which in turn forces some aspects such as images and text, out of place and alignment.

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I've never been fond of the idea for asking for money, but a few people have recommended that I have an option on here  to donate via ''Paypal''. I have put a lot of time into making this site and I plan to keep it going for as long as possible, but with that comes renewal costs - which are quite expensive; I'm not directly asking for a donation, but if you would be as kind to make one, I'd be extremely grateful, no matter what amount. Having a part-time job and a car to run makes saving money very hard. Also, if you have any photos of gigs you attended or rare items that you own, I'd be appreciative if you could send those in too. Thank you.

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Benjamin Czuchra

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Ian Pickering

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Michael Toole

Sneaker Pimps Legacy Personal Message:

I first got into Sneaker Pimps back in 2005 when I was given a PSP for my birthday. With it, I also had ''Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories'', which contained numerous, fictional radio stations. One station, called ''Rise FM'' had a song which stood out to me: ''Spin Spin Sugar''. At the time, I was only 12 and we didn't get internet until around 2010, so that was my main source of listening to music. When we finally did get internet, I checked upon the band to see what was what. Sadly, I found out that they had split paths several years prior, but, I was able to listen to everything they had put out. Around this time, the fanfare/following seemed to slowly disappear. Illegal MP3 sites and forums started close and I suppose people gave up and resorted to what videos had been uploaded to YouTube. This is when the online search results for Sneaker Pimps had slowly been replaced with a new sneaker art show, sporting the same name as the Sneaker Pimps we know of. For years, I had considered doing something to preserve the legacy of the band, to prevent it being forgotten. Wikipedia entries were too confusing to make, ''Facebook'' groups and ''Myspace'' layouts were not really appropriate and with me landing my first ever job, I was bloody busy! Anyway, skip to 2018 and a very cool chap called Neil offered to send me a sick bag from the first ''Bloodsport'' gigs that were handed out for free. I was over the moon, put it this way, I screamed like Ned Flanders at his purple drapes. Shortly after, my working hours went down to part-time and so that gave me the push to finally do something about it. As the original website and the numerous faithful fan sites no longer exist, I decided to put some of my spare time into making this website. I am no expert in website creating, as this is my first, so you will have to excuse any errors or bad grammar. But that's pretty much it! I have had tons of support from various people in the form of advice, stories, information, gifts, merchandise and more (see below). Going on the (still!) age old argument of ''Who is the better singer?''; I love both Kelli and Chris. They are both fantastic musicians and equally compliment their respective albums. I don't agree with the nasty comments people make on both singers (and any on here will be removed). My favourite out of the two has to be Chris, mainly because we got an extra two albums with him, so I'm used to his voice over the extra tracks we have, but for the record, regardless of what people still think - there is no bad blood between any of them and they get along just fine. In-fact, Kelli wrote a nice little entry on her website regarding a recent get-together and all is good. It's an interesting read and I highly recommend it. I am still waiting on the come-back album and I really think that is should be sooner, rather than later, but, I am thankful for what material has been put out since the beginning, especially the ''Splinter'' album - it has helped me through some rough times. On the subject of help, as mentioned above, I would like to thank (in no particular order); Neil Le Gris, Rankin, Bartlomiej Pawlowski, OptimaX, The Light Surgeons, Tom Gidley, Paris Hampton, George Howe, Liam Howe, Simon Pykett, Vickie Hallam, Benjamin Czuchra, Ian Pickering, Sue Denim, Zoe Durrant, Alan Watling, Richard Young, Michael Toole, Kelli Ali, Jon Snow, Michael Alan Giller, Christophe Godfroid - your advice, support and generosity is much appreciated.


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