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The Leaked 2006 Demos

The Leaked And Unreleased Fifth Album...

SP Demo (2009)

Sneaker Pimps SP5.jpg


About SP Demo:

After the shelved 'SP4' project, the band returned for the last time to record new material. A cloud of mystery shrouded this material for quite some time, that being said, not much information exists for it. The story is that someone spotted a Sony MiniDisc player, left in a bar, somewhere in Russia, circa 2006. When they copied the music over, there must have been I.D tags to show the song and artist, as this release is not easily identifiable as a Sneaker Pimps album, due to the fact neither Kelli nor Chris sing main vocals on the album (only faint audio of Chris on backup vocals). This time, an unknown singer is present, singing pop and indie style songs, rather than the previous efforts of the dark and obscure 'SP4'. For a while, it was suspected that Paris Hampton, the singer from 'Samsara' (a similar sounding group whom Sneaker Pimps had remixed), but she came forward and dispelled the rumour. The album surfaced on and off the web over the years, most people not believing they were legitimate Sneaker Pimps tracks. Around 2014, I emailed the charming Ian Pickering and he confirmed that they were indeed real, referring to them as 'The Magnificent 7'. To elaborate even more, a statement from the official website from Ian says: 'We're working through six/seven tunes to play to the publishing company in two weeks time. Then we'll know more about the new project and where to take it and what the potential is. But each of us is very excited about the new stuff'. An unverified image from a Czech website circulated on the internet, hinting that there were more songs intended for this release such as 'Timmy's Dead', 'Love Me Stupid' and 'Fighter'. With Ian stating only seven, it's likely that these were not yet recorded. Sampling doesn't seem to be as big on here as previous work, but 'Sun Ate The Moon' bears a very strong resemblance to the start of Lesley's Duncan's track 'Love Song' and the only sample actually on here being from 'Be Bop Deluxe'. To add confusion, this disc dates from 2009, so it is assumed that they were later picked up again to have work continued, but ultimately, that never happened. Most versions of the album that circulate on the web are at an MP3 bitrate of 128KBPS, but some have tracks mixed in that are 160KBPS. This is a one of the discs that those MP3 files would've originated from. To this day, the album remains unreleased.

Promotional CDr Edition:

01: Samaritan

02: Sun Ate The Moon

03: Rush

04: The Shutdown

05: Satelite

06: Elias

07: Girl In A Box

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'Sun Ate The Moon' sampled 'Be Bop Deluxe's' track: 'Life In The Air Age', from 1976.

The Collection:


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