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Line Of Flight

Sneaky Beginnings...



'Line Of Flight' served as Liam and Chris' behind the scenes vehicle for producing and remixing music. In 1994, they released their only E.P.: 'World As A Cone'. Their service stemmed from as early as 1994, from when they remixed their own music under the name 'F.R.I.S.K.'. Under the 'Line Of Flight' name, they could add remixes to their own music without most people knowing it was essentially just an alternate mix from themselves. Artists who they worked with, apart from 'F.R.I.S.K.' and Sneaker Pimps were: 'August', 'Hunch' - otherwise known as Chris Tate, who played with Sneaker Pimps live and with his rock band 'Trash Money' and Emiliana Torrini. 'Line Of Flight' actually mixed under other names too, such as 'Flight From Nashville' - as used on the remix of the Sneaker Pimps track: 'Post-Modern Sleaze'. In 1999 they produced the track 'Ordinary Life' for Kristen Barry, for the the movie: 'Cruel Intentions'. Sadly, Kristen had a rough start in the record industry, finding out certain corruption and humiliation aspects to it and so she ultimately chose to find a new career altogether. In 2002 'Line Of Flight' worked with Natalie Imbruglia for her track 'Cold Air' and also during the same year, they remixed Emiliana Torrini's track: 'Thinking Out Loud' (only available as an MP3 download on the 'Loretta Young Silks Mix You Miss' digital single). A complete list of credits can be found on Discogs.

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World As A Cone E.P. - UK 12'' Vinyl Edition (1994)


Line Of Flight World As A Cone E.P.



This E.P. was released in 1994, the same year that Liam and Chris released their content under the 'F.R.I.S.K.' alias, on the same record label: 'Clean-up' records. This sleeve features artist info, whereas the 'Take The Sun Away' single by 'F.R.I.S.K.' doesn't, it is just supplied with an orange and blue sleeve.


A1: Believe In The Spirit

A2: Balanca

B1: Revolution As Change

B2: Fat-Head

B3: Balanca In Dub

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