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Give It Another Angle (2005 - Unreleased)

Uncovering The Fans...


About Give It Another Angle:

'Give It Another Angle' was the title for the unreleased 2005 project, which was intended as a competition and DVD release. In late 2004, it was advertised on the official Sneaker Pimps website that a remix competition was to take place, involving an unreleased 'Becoming X' era track, known as 'Angle' (this was later reincorporated into the 'Permanent Tears' remix which Sneaker Pimps provided for Eagle-Eye Cherry) and that the winner of the remix competition, chosen by Liam and Chris, would have their remix featured on the DVD. The DVD was also to contain vinyl only tracks, such as 'Firestarter' and 'O-Type', in digital form. Music videos and demos, such as 'Polaroids' and 'Masturbate' were also to be included, along with live footage, tour visuals, photos, diaries, interviews and more. Since it's announcement in 2004, a winner was never picked and the DVD was slowly delayed until being ultimately cancelled up until the last official update on the Sneaker Pimps website, in 2007. No more information or imagery exists for this project, but the original remixes chosen by Sneaker Pimps before the final result can be found below.

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