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Splinter Instrumentals

An Alternate Experience...

Sneaker Pimps Instrumentals (1999)

Sneaker Pimps Splinter Instrumentals


About Sneaker Pimps Instrumentals:

The instrumental versions on this CDr play identical to the versions on the 'Splinter' album, with the exception of all vocals. This release features a slightly different running order, with alternate track titles. This was once offered as a free, 192KBPS download on the official and unofficial 'Sneaker Pimps' websites in 2005, back when they were functioning. It is only recent that they were discovered to be originally found on this promotional, record label CDr.

Promotional CDr Edition:

01: Half Life

02: Destroying Angel

03: Flowers & Silence

04: 10 To 20

05: Lightning Field

06: Superbug

07: Empathy

08: Sushi Lunches

09: Splinter

10: Low Five

11: Wife By 2000

12: Curl

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