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04/08/2020: New images added to Spin Spin Sugar, Six Underground and Cover Stars pages. There is a slight glitch on the site, where the arrows on the image boxes have vanished. You can still view the whole gallery, but to do this, you need to click or tap on an image and then navigate through.

04/08/2020: Been fed up with the bootleg art I've made, so I've entirely overhauled all of it.

03/08/2020: New image box added to the Polaroids page, collection images added to Six Underground page and new Becoming X shirt added to the Merch Stand page.

27/07/2020: Another sample discovered from SP4, Chris said on a live stream today that he used the drums of Mr. X by Ultravox on Sailor.

13/07/2020: New images added to Background page with mini-timelines for each band member.

08/07/2020: New edition and image added to the Six Underground page.

02/07/2020: Not exactly site news, but it's unofficial, hence it not going on the Band News page; I had a call from someone from the OLI marketing team regarding ideas etc. and it is going to be GOOD. Keep your eyes and ears out as this will be one special box-set. Not to be missed. Their attention to detail is second to none.

26/05/2020: New edition added to the Samplers page.

28/04/2020: Record Labels page updated with new images and info.

21/04/2020: I have spent a solid week of writing an complete biography on Sneaker Pimps. To see it, please revisit the Background page. WARNING! It is very long and chunky, but well worth the read.

02/04/2020: New page added under Other Music - Record Labels. Another new page coming soon!

02/04/2020: New page added - Wantlist. Please consider viewing to see what I'm hunting down. May I take this time to wish everyone good health during this troubling time. Stay safe, Curtis

30/03/2020: New page added under Other Music - The Magnificent Radish book.

23/03/2020: New feature on the main page: song of the week. I shall add a one of my favourite songs each week in the hopes that people will check out other artists.

20/03/2020: New images added to Line Of Flight, Post-Modern Sleaze and Sick pages.

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