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'V99 Interview' - 1999

Interviewer Unknown...

Looking forward to playing V99?

''Definitely, the last time was genius.''

Any amusing stories from other gigs played this year?

''Trying to keep it together is always amusing.''

You endured an intense eight months touring America after the release of Generation X, in '97. What's the worst/best thing about being on the road for such a long time?

''It is very difficult to prevent becoming an arsehole. Getting away with murder.''

Where were you when you penned your last lyrics? Can you reveal some of what you wrote?

''On a train back to my house. I cannot reveal anything due to embarrassment.''

Someone called Lynsey left this question to put to you on the V99 website: why did Kelli Dayton really leave, and how have you fared without her?

''Because we asked her to. We're fairing super-cool.''

You say the Sneaker Pimps are like a different band since the departure of singer Kelli. With guitarist Chris Corner now taking on this additional role, what changes can we expect from your live set?

''The whole live machine is now a dynamic-sex-event-music-group.''

Is there any special material you'll be including in your V99 set?

''A track, Splinter, is always a major buzz bomb.''

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