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Over their career, Sneaker Pimps had a total of nine music videos. Some are easy to track down, some, not so easy. ''The Videos'' DVD (see further down) contained the ''Clean Up Records'' era music videos from their original master source, whilst the music videos from ''Bloodsport'' (''Sick'' and ''Loretta Young Silks'') were featured on the ''Rockamerica Videopool'' promotional DVD's. ''Loretta Young Silks'' also had a 2nd, alternative music video which was withheld. Some fan sites provided this for free, but it has since been lost in time. The video for ''Sick'' can also be found on its respective CD single, but the quality is drastically reduced to fit the ''Enhanced CD'' format. There were also early, promotional videos for ''First And Careless Rapture'' and ''Missile'', from ''SP4''. Both videos didn't emerge until someone uploaded them to ''YouTube'', in around 2015/2016. There were plans announced on the official Sneaker Pimps website for two DVD's to be released by ''One Little Indian Records'', the first being ''The Videos'' in 2001, shown below and the second (which was shelved), to be released in 2005 and was to contains rare demos, b-sides, live sets, fan remixes, photos and other goodies, but this never happened and so only one DVD was released. Explained more on the ''Give It Another Angle'' page. For even more information, please visit:

Tesko Suicide *Featured On ''The Videos'' DVD. Directors: Liam Howe and Joe Wilson.

Six Underground *Featured On ''The Videos'' DVD. Director: Toby Tremlett.

Spin Spin Sugar *Featured On ''The Videos'' DVD. Director: Toby Tremlett.

Post-Modern Sleaze *Featured On ''The Videos'' DVD. Director: Howard Greenhalgh.

Low Five *Featured On ''The Videos'' DVD. Director: Tom Gidley.

Sick *Featured On The Sick CD Single And ''Rockamerica - Videopool: March, 2002. Director: Unknown.

Loretta Young Silks *Featured On ''Rockamerica - Videopool: April, 2003. Director: Unknown.

First And Careless Rapture *Unreleased, Leaked Online. Director: Unknown.

Missile *Unreleased, Leaked Online. Director: Unknown.

The Videos (2001)


In 2001, ''One Little Indian Records'' released ''The Videos'' DVD, presumably in hearing news that the band were working on a new album. It contains all music videos from the ''One Little Indian Records'' and ''Clean-Up Records'' section of the bands career. All videos are sourced from the masters and are at the highest bitrate for the DVD format: 480P. It contains a mini booklet with information on the videos and a press photo of the band.

Standard DVD Edition: 

01: Tesko Suicide

02: Six Underground

03: Spin Spin Sugar

04: Post-Modern Sleaze

05: Low Five

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Rockamerica - Videopool (April, 2003)


Released in 2003, this strictly promotional DVD put out by ''Rockamerica'' contains numerous music videos from various artists - amongst them is Sneaker Pimps' music video for ''Loretta Young Silks'', sourced from the master in 480p quality, albeit with the ''Rockamerica'' watermark and song titles/information at the start.

Standard DVD Edition:

01: Dannii Minogue - I Begin To Wonder

02: LeAnn Rimes - Suddenly (Rockamerica Remix)

03: The Roc Project (Feat. Tina Arena) - Never (Past Tense)

04: Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body

05: Celine Dion - I Drove All Night

06: Paulina Rubio - Baila Casanova

07: Eve (Feat. Alicia Keys) - Gangsta Lovin' (Rockamerica Remix)

08: Vivian Green - Emotional Rollercoaster (Big Red Club Mix)

09: Ronan Keating And Lulu - We've Got Tonight (Rockamerica Remix)

10: DJ Sammy (Feat. Loona) - The Boys Of Summer

11: Milton (Feat. Sky Sci Fire) - This Could Be The Love Song

12: The Ones - Superstar

13: Telepopmusik - Breathe (New Version)

14: Moby - In This World (Remix)

15: Missy Elliott (Feat. Ludacris) - Gossip Folks (Fatboy Slim Remix Video)

16: ATC - New York City

17: Atomic Kitten - Be With You (Rockamerica Remix)

18: Driftwood - Freeloader

19: Billie Piper - Rockamerica Megamix

20: Kylie Minogue - Hand On Your Heart (Buster's Remix)

21: Pet Shop Boys - London (Rockamerica Remix)

22: Erasure: Solsbury Hill (Rockamerica Remix)

23: Duran Duran - The Reflex (Rockamerica Remix)

24: FC Kahuna - Hayling

25: Sneaker Pimps - Loretta Young Silks

26: Kelly Rowland - Can't Nobody

27: Mariah Carey - Boy (I Need You)

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