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'Splinter Recordings' was a record label that the band had devised in 1999, shortly after the 'Splinter' album had been completed. Under this label, they were able to release new material with ease and also any other artist they chose to sign. Sneaker Pimps signed 'Robots In Disguise' and a band called 'The Servant'. A total of three releases was put out on this label; the 'Robots In Disguise' E.P.: 'Mix Up Words And Sounds' (in which Chris produced) and the two 'The Servant' albums: 'Mathematics' and 'With The Invisible'. The label's logo is based on an element in a periodic table. The label later merged with it's sub-label 'Splinter Industries', in which the band used to release 'Bloodsport', after the 9/11 collapse at 'Tommy Boy Records' rendered the album label-less. More information on acts signed can be found below:

The Servant - Mathematics (2000)



The first 'The Servant' album, released in 2000. This was later re-released alongside their second album: 'With The Invisible'.

Standard CD Edition:

01: The Apes And The Chimpanzees

02: Dripping On Your Maths

03: Conversation

04: Too Late

05: Walking Through The Gardens

06: Tangled Up In Headphone Lead

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The Servant - With The Invisible (2000)



The second 'The Servant' album, released in 2000. This was later re-released alongside their first album: 'Mathematics'.

Standard CD Edition:

01: Biro

02: Milk Chocolate

03: In A Public Place

04: The Entire Universe

05: Driving At Night

06: She Cursed Me

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Robots In Disguise - Mix Up Words And Sounds E.P. (2000)



The first output of work by 'Robots In Disguise', in the form of an E.P.; their following debut album was planned to be released on 'Splinter Recordings', but was later released on 'Recall'. The version of 'Transformer' on this release is an un-credited extended mix.

Standard CD Edition:

01: Intro

02: Postcards From...

03: Cycle Song

04: Outdoors

05: What Junior Band Did Next

06: Hi-Fi

07: Bedscenes

08: Transformer

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