Album '99' Rough Mixes (1998)

About Album '99' Rough Mixes:

This promotional CDr was made at Mark Stent's 'Mix Suite' studio at Oympic Studios, in London. The versions on this edition sound very different to their final album form and actually feature Emiliana Torrini on 'Ten To Twenty' and 'Lightning Field'. A number of these CDr's existed in various stages of the 'Splinter' recording sessions, each with their own differences. They are incredibly rare and so this is the only version catalogued here, so far. This was one is dated as early as 1998. The art you see above is a recreation of a one of the other known CDr's from the previously mentioned sessions as the cover for this one was not available, so even the hand-writing is a recreation, but it would've looked something like this. Until the original can be found, this recreation will remain above.

Promotional CDr Edition:

01: Low Five (Rough Mix)

02: Cute Sushi Lunches (Rough Mix)

03: Half Life (Rough Mix)

04: Superbug (Rough Mix)

05: Curl (Rough Mix)

06: Destroying Angel (Rough Mix)

07: Ten To Twenty (Rough Mix)

08: Empathy (Rough Mix)

09: Lightning Field (Rough Mix)

10: Flowers And Silence (Rough Mix)

11: Splinter (Rough Mix)

12: Wife By Two Thousand (Rough Mix)

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