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9th July 2020: Simonne Jones posts an Instagram video of herself working in the studio with Liam, with a short clip at the start of someone who sounds a lot like Chris...


18th June 2020: The announcement that the deluxe vinyl boxset of Sneaker Pimps material will finally be released in September 2020 on One Little Independent Records. More details will be announced soon.


12th June 2020: Ian's long-awaited website and band project; 'The Noise Who Runs' is officially live -  a joint birth of the band newly created by Ian, starting with a run of three E.P.s, along with an official website denoting his past contributions and work. Head over to:


10th March 2020: Through the ''IAMX'' Patreon, a fan asked about Sneaker Pimps silence and Chris replied with ''SP IS 80% LIKELY TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR. IT'S OUT OF MY HANDS BUT NOT OUT OF MY HEART''.


24th January 2020: Although there is still no official news on the new album, an Instagram story post appears on Simonne Jones' page of her working with Liam in his studio, choosing between various software packages.


25th August 2019: Chris is joined by Liam on an IAMX Patreon live-stream video in which people ask many questions in relation to the new album. Many things are said, one to pick out for this post is that they aim to have something released by the end of 2019 and that one track will be called ''Black Rain''.


14th June 2019: Chris states via an IAMX Patreon post that a female singer; Simonne Jones, an avid synth geek (with a great voice) - will be joining the efforts of the new album. Position is unknown. For more information, check out her recent song: ''Gravity''.

12th June 2019: Chris shares an IAMX Patreon video of him showing off a vast, modular synthesizer, along with some music for the new album. Most importantly a tasty looking snack bar, which he was saving for later.

28th April 2019: Chris states via an IAMX Patreon update: ''It's a unique time. Fortunately I've thrown myself deep into the studio with Liam Howe and we are working on Sneaker Pimps''.

27th April 2019: Chris states via a live IAMX stream that Liam will be joining him on the mental healh tour in Los Angeles and that they are getting back on track with making another Sneaker Pimps album.


19th August 2018: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''I’m DJing at wilderness festival. Peacock 5-7pm Veuve Clicquot 8-10pm. Prizes for best dancer. Look out for Liam Sneaker Pimps #Wilderness2018''


11th February, 2017: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Songs are sounding strong and plans are afoot. This is the year.''


31st January, 2017: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Still writing. Wearing those pencils down. Good things come for those that wait!''


2nd August, 2016: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Working on brand new compositions in the studio. Thanks @simonnejones ! Watch this space...''


31st May, 2016: ''IAMX'' Tweet: ''Coming out of @SneakerPimpsNow hibernation. Amazing songs were created. @LiamHowe has gone home and now I begin work on a special IAMX Metanoia Addendum.''


31st May, 2016: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Just back from an amazing 2 weeks Sneaker Pimps writing with @IAMX. Watch this space!!!''


6th May, 2016: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Preparing for @SneakerPimpsNow LA session in 1 week. This is happening!''


17th February, 2016: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''8 #Sneaker16 tracks on the go now. It's taking shape.''


11th February, 2016: ''IAMX'' Tweet: ''Long exciting meeting with @LiamHoweMusic last night . There shall be greatness ahead''


29th January, 2016: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''6 tracks into #Sneaker16 !!''


28th January, 2016: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''great cover ! @class_faction'' after sharing a link to Class Faction's cover of Six Underground on YouTube.


11th January, 2016: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Me and @IAMX learnt guitar to Ziggy Stardust. Chris became better than me very quickly. But our love for Bowie has always been equal.''


11th January, 2016: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Another #Sneaker16 demo done today. And a very special singer confirmed.''


9th January, 2016: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Recording.... Gasp... Fretless bass today on a new Sneaker song. Thanks to @exmooremperor #Sneaker16''


6th January, 2016: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''The new demos keep coming. Ideas are ricocheting around my studio. Exciting times already. #Sneaker16''


1st January, 2016: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''2016. The Year of the Sneaker Pimps. Watch this space #Sneaker16''


31st December, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''First of the new demos in the bag. Sounding so 2016.''


26th December, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Happy Christmas Day from Sneaker Pimps. Xxxx''


17th December, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''New @SoniaSteinMusic toon fresh off the press.'' after sharing a link to Sonia's SoundCloud page.


14th December, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Officially worked on a new #SneakerPimps track today. 2016 will be interesting!''


4th December, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Unless a collector of sneaker pimps memorabilia wants to salvage them from the trash.You have only a few minutes before they hit the shoot''


4th December, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Farewell my trusty Air Rifts. They've served me well; been 20 long years of sneaker service. Now we must say goodbye'' after sharing an image of some trashed sneakers in a bin.


3rd December, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''First pair of Sneakers I've bought in 20 years. ITS AN OMEN #Huarache'' after sharing an image of some new sneakers.


29th October, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''6 underground graces new soundtrack. #KillYourFriends. NME says its the best soundtrack since Trainspotting.'' after sharing a review from NME magazine.


15th October, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Ex-Sneaker Pimp Chris Corner talks about his trip-hop past, IAMX present'' after sharing an interview with Chris Corner.


27th September, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Still looking fresh in 2015. The Light Surgeons working their magic. More to come perhaps??'' after sharing two videos from ''The Light Surgeons'' (Becoming X tour visuals and artwork).


29th August, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Things are afoot. #watchthisspace''


24th May, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Oh there's so much afoot... watch this space!''


2nd May, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''Oh you 6 followers... may I thank and congratulate you.. you really are the first 6 folk to be witness to this

new formation, thanks!''


2nd May, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Tweet: ''I'm gonna enjoy my single figures whilst I can oh to be so coiled with potential!''


2nd May, 2015: ''SneakerPimpsNow'' Twitter page was created. First ever Tweet: ''Is this the start of a new Sneaker Pimps chapter. I think so.''

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