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The Magnificent Radish

The Sneaker Story So Far...

Sneaker Pimps The Magnificent Radish Book


About The Magnificent Radish:

'The Magnificent Radish' (working title/unreleased) is a partially written, semi-biography on the band itself, with writings provided by Ian Pickering. The book is a work in progress and is contributed to every now and then, when time allows. It is said that Ian mentioned the idea of a book on the band to Liam, in around 2015, when the official Twitter account for Sneaker Pimps was born and the additional suggestion that it could be crowd-funded, to help in raising proceeds for the release of the book. To quote Ian; 'I mentioned a book to Liam a few times maybe five, six years ago and it was mooted as something we could offer on a crowdfunding campaign but it was the last three years my drinking and I couldn’t personally follow through on much of anything beyond the excitement of the inspiration and planning of the ideas. But I was writing a lot of stories at that time and The Magnificent Radish (my working title - this was the joke name we always fell back on when trying to think of names for anything. But yes, Sneaker Pimps could have been The Magnificent Radish!) began writing itself. And as with everything Sneakers, it very quickly became something very different in concept to a biography of a band. What was worked on was becoming kind of special. Like I said, there was never any shortage of ideas. I would like to do something with the Blind Michael script and the Radish one day.' The image above is just a tongue-in-cheek recreation of what it could possibly look like if released and the images below are ones Ian kindly sent over from his collection, including lyric scribbles, tour gear and a paper denoting chapters from 'The Sneaker Story'.


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