Becoming X Demos (1995)

About Becoming X Demos:

Before the final release of the 'Becoming X' album, promotional demo releases were made. The one featured here is a cassette sampler, simply labelled as 'LP - Unmixed'. Presumably at this point, the album name wasn't yet chosen, dating this to late 1995. The tracks contained on this are unmixed alternative versions sung by Kelli, rather than the final album versions. Also, track names differ; 'Waterbaby' was originally called 'Breathe', 'Six Underground' originally called 'Earth Blues' and 'Wasted Early Sunday Morning' originally 'Flutter'. It is suspected these originate from a master file and were dubbed to tape, as with the 'Splinter' and 'Bloodsport' demos, CDr discs were more common place, rather than this example on cassette, so it's highly likely this is the only source of these demos left. The tape used is a 1985 Philips FEI 90 minute type 1 cassette tape. Whoever was in charge of dubbing didn't follow the track-listing on the cover, as is below. The artwork above is a like-for-like recreation of the original, since it was in such poor shape and was hard to touch up.

Promotional Cassette Edition:

A1: Low Place Like Home

A2: Tesko Suicide

A3: Earth Blues

A4: Becoming X

A5: Spin Spin Sugar

A6: Post Modern Sleaze

A7: Flutter

A8: Roll - On, Roll - Off

A9: Breathe

A10: Walking Zero

B1: How Do

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