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Firestarter - UK 7'' Vinyl Edition (1996)

Sneaker Pimps Firestarter 7'' Single



At around the same time 'Becoming X' was released in 1996, Sneaker Pimps chose to do a cover of 'The Prodigy's' song 'Firestarter'. It was released on 'Clean-up' records as a limited edition, 7'' single. It contains both mono and stereo versions of the track and the song has never been released on CD. Kelli Ali was selling copies from her web-store and upon request, some would be signed. There are speculations that it is an unofficial release and that 'The Prodigy' refused to let Sneaker Pimps to record a cover so the band released this themselves. Supplied in a generic, plain-white sleeve.


A1: Firestarter (Stereo)

B1: Firestarter (Mono)

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