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'Ape Mink Press', otherwise known and cited as 'AMP' on releases, is a solo project from Liam Howe. It originally started as a secret entrance into the Sneaker Pimps comeback in 2021, in which they released their fourth and long-awaited solo album: 'Squaring The Circle'. The plan being that sources would drop information or content through the 'Ape Mink Press' name - which is actually a direct anagram of Sneaker Pimps, but this was slowly fizzled out and forgotten about, until several singles for the 'Squaring The Circle' album were released and remixes from the then mysterious 'AMP' were teased and eventually released. Liam then made it clear from numerous online interviews and press notes for the remixes that this was not only a secret alias from himself but it was now a solo project. He later hinted that not only would there be more remixes for the album, there would be a whole new album of his own work, released under the 'AMP' name in 2022. So far, there has been two EP's with remixes from 'AMP' and it is rumoured that there will be a whole album's worth for every track on the 'Squaring The Circle' album. This isn't the first time that an alias has been used from Liam, as there was Line Of Flight, F.R.I.S.K. and most recently with 'Ultrafox': The Zip.

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Ape Mink Press Album (Currently Untitled)


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