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04/12/2019: Images added to the Merch Stand page. I won't be active on here now until after Christmas, so thanks to all who have helped this year in regards to Sneaker Pimps Legacy - so have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 

21/11/2019: The mystery page has been revealed; Becoming X Demos, under the Other Music tab - also! Ian Pickering is finishing off the final touches to his solo project: The Noise Who Runs. Anyone who subscribes to the mailing list will receive a FREE download of b-sides left off the final album. For more information, please visit the official Facebook and Twitter pages (band page and website coming shortly): FACEBOOK: and TWITTER:

13/11/2019: New interview added - Earshot. Very interesting read, it explains a lot on the SP4 subject as it was from the same time they had finished the album.

12/11/2019: New images added to the FRISK and Merch Stand pages and a new page created: Line Of Flight.

05/11/2019: All live photos are now updated to match the other new photo boxes. It now looks a lot neater and they are also easier to navigate.

04/11/2019: Part 1 of the Live Photos tab has been updated with new photo boxes, matching the rest of the site. Part 2 shall be done soon. The new mystery page that is in the works will come soon, I just need more (correct) information for it before it goes live.

31/10/2019: Happy Halloween! Go listen to the Japan song of the same name, it will not disappoint. All singles pages have now be sorted and reordered! New page coming soon...

29/10/2019: Hectic two months! New images added to the Six Underground (page still to be rearranged - will happen soon), Tesko Suicide and Merch Stand pages.

19/09/2019: All singles pages (except Six Underground) have been rearranged, same as before. Also, a load of new images have been added to most of these pages and the Cover Stars page.

13/09/2019: All singles pages (except the Becoming X era singles) have been rearranged and presented more neatly. This took a loooooong time!

10/09/2019: New images added to the Low Five, Samplers and Post-Modern Sleaze pages.

07/09/2019: Paris Hampton isn't the singer on the Album 5 Demos! She got in touch and said that it wasn't her, so the mystery continues! Various pages edited due to this. If anyone has any clues as to who it is, I'd really appreciate it! Also added, a new entry to the Samplers page.

02/09/2019: WIX is being a bit naughty. They're telling me that IE is no longer supported and so the image I wanted to use for the below interview doesn't appear on IE, yet when I use a pre-existing one on here, it does! Strange. So, if you view this site with IE, switch to Chrome!


29/08/2019: Changes are being made to the image boxes. Newer ones are being added which allow viewing of photos in high resolution, rather than a resized version. Changes may take some time. All but the live photos pages have been completed. To use this on your phone, swipe lightly, either left or right.

28/08/2019: F.R.I.S.K. section added under Other Music tab.

15/08/2019: New images added to the Sick and Six Underground pages.

14/08/2019: EXTRA thanks to Ben Czuchra, once again for his kind donation, you're a legend! New images added to Polaroids and Merch Stand pages.

13/08/2019: All live photos pages now complete plus a bonus NME interview added - NME Interview 4.

10/08/2019: New page created - Splinter Demos and a new entry added to the Bootlegs page. New sample added to the Album 5 Demos page!

09/08/2019: Demos page changed with new content added.

07/08/2019: New interview added - Dazed And Confused, including some very interesting stories..

06/08/2019: New page added to the Other Music tab - Give It Another Angle, including rare, fan remixes audio!

05/08/2019: New images added to the nearly complete Low Five page.

04/08/2019: Newly discovered bootleg entry added to the Bootlegs page.

02/08/2019: New interview added to the Interviews tab: Scoop Magazine! Check out their shopping list.

23/07/2019: New images added to the first five entries of the More Live Photos tab.

17/07/2019: New images added to the Bloodsport, Ten To Twenty and Six Underground pages.

15/07/2019: New images added to the Sick and Bloodsport single pages.

14/07/2019: New images and scans added to the Ten To Twenty, Tesko Suicide and Merch Stand pages.

10/07/2019: New images added to the Becoming X, Spin Spin Sugar, Tesko Suicide, Sick and Bloodsport singles pages and a new photo set added to the top of the Polaroids page.

08/07/2019: New image added to the Sick page, more images to come shortly.

03/07/2019: Regarding the previous post, I have had to make two menus for the live photos. Menu one is fully complete! Hopefully more entries can be added in the future. I have also corrected the background image, for ages it was off-centre. The main menu has also been stretched across the page too.

01/07/2019: I have recently discovered a gold mine of literally hundreds of rare and high quality live images of Sneaker Pimps. There will now be another overhaul of the Images page, along with a newly created page called Live Photos. I am in the midst of uploading them all this week!

30/06/2019: We have reached over 3000 site views! This is actually inaccurate since I installed the counter 6 months after the site was live. I plan to get back on track with Sneaker Pimps Legacy, I have just uploaded another new (old) interview to the Melody Maker Interview 4 page, an NME one is due to be uploaded shortly, so look out for that.

28/06/2019: Spare time off work equals a new and updated Footage section, more to be added!

27/06/2019: Rough week, very busy. Added new images to the Background page and some super rare photos to the Polaroids page of the last ever Sneaker Pimps gig in 2003.

17/05/2019: Some new news added to the Band News page. I have had to rely on someone for the recent content on the Band News page, due to me having a hard time funding things at the moment. The site is over a year old and I have to renew it's cost, I have had to spend nearly £200 on tyres for my Toyota Aygo and it's MOT is next week - another £40. Oh, and my wiper needed changing too! All fun! So, if you want more in-depth news and updates, be sure to subscribe to Chris' IAMX Patreon, I am sure it is worth it. For now, apologies that I cannot share much more. I am working on a YouTube channel for this site where I am slowly but surely cleaning and backing up all video content on YouTube. Halfway there! If you have any VHS tapes you want converting, let me know as I have the equipment to do so. Have a great week!

28/05/2019: New images added to the Polaroids and Merch Stand pages.

23/05/2019: The Videos page is going to be overhauled as I have opened a new YouTube channel where I am archiving all Sneaker Pimps footage. Please click the YouTube link on the home page to travel there.

18/05/2019: Menu glitch fixed, reviews added to respective album pages and more samples added to Related Artists page. Also, thanks to Paris Hampton, who after a little bit managed to confirm it was her on the Album 5 Demos! Thanks Paris!

16/05/2019: Someone alerted me that the About page isn't showing on the mobile menu. For now, until it is fixed, it is still view-able on desktop.

15/05/2019: Special thanks to Bartlomiej Pawlowski for donating to me, it is very much appreciated and I am glad that you're digging into Sneaker Pimps and enjoying their music! I will make sure your donation goes towards the site's upkeep. Thanks - Curtis!


11/04/2019: Special thanks to Benjamin Czuchra for donating to me, it is very much appreciated and I thank you for your support - it will be put towards the site's upkeep. Thanks - Curtis!

28/03/2019: New! Image added to Spin Spin Sugar and Cover Stars page.

28/03/2019: New! Home page edited, extended personal message added to the About page and images added to Spin Spin Sugar and Cover Stars pages.

14/03/2019: New! Bloodsport font added to the Bloodsport page beneath the samples box.

14/03/2019: New! Melody Maker 3 and Vox Magazine interviews added to the interviews tab!

08/03/2019: New! Bassist and guitar magazine interviews added to the interviews tab!

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