Scissors Paper Stone (1999)

First Version...

Scissors Paper Stone (1999)

Second Version...

About Scissors Paper Stone:

Before 'Splinter' was chosen as the final title name for the 'Splinter' album we have here today, it was originally intended to be called 'Scissors Paper Stone'. This is actually a lyric from the track 'Wife By Two Thousand'. Before the album was released, there was two pressing runs of a CDr called 'Scissors Paper Stone'. It is unknown whether the tracks on these releases differ from the versions found on the final album, as an alternate version of 'Low Five' circles online from an unknown release. Any info on this would be appreciated.

Promotional CDr Editions:

01: Half Life

02: Low 5

03: Sushi

04: Curl

05: Destroying Angel

06: Empathy

07: Superbug

08: Lightning Field

09: Flowers

10: 10 - 20

11: Splinter

12: Wife x Two Thousand

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