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''F.R.I.S.K.'' started out as a feeler project for Liam and Chris on the ''Clean-Up Records'' label. Before this, Liam and his brother Miles were making music in high-school, during the 1980's under the name ''Sleep Fuse''. A girl called Deborah Corner (Chris' sister), had gotten her hands on these home-made cassette tapes and sold them at her school to make some extra money. This led to Liam getting to know her more and eventually they started dating. This is how Liam and Chris fatefully crossed paths. Liam and Chris both having some form of musical talent, led to a bond and a growth in the need to make music. Several years later, they create ''F.R.I.S.K.''. Only two singles were released, one being a white label with no record company present and the other being a fully labelled released on ''Clean-Up Records''. Several artists appear on these releases with vocal contributions by Liam himself.

Take The Sun Away - UK 12'' Vinyl Edition (1994)


The only ever pressing of this single. Features the Line Of Flight mix (which is Liam and Chris anyway). ''Take The Sun Away'' is actually the same song as ''If You Go Away''. Presumably they decided to change the song titles as the song remains the same. Supplied in a generic, plain-white sleeve. Some copies were housed in the orange and blue ''Clean-Up Records'' sleeves.


A1: Take The Sun Away (Line Of Flight Mix)

B1: Take The Sun Away (Multiplicity Mix)

B2: Look Into Your Soul

For more information, please visit: https://www.discogs.com/FRISK-Take-The-Sun-Away/release/311724

The Soul Of Indiscretion EP - UK 12'' Vinyl Edition (1994)


An EP released on a white label with no record company present. The cover art resembles a pair of Adidas trainers. According to Liam, when he was on a live podcast with Chris, in 2019, there were not that many of these pressed as he signed a fan's copy at an ''IAMX'' gig in Los Angeles and remarked at how shocked he was that someone had found a copy.


A1: If You Go Away

A2: Deliverance

B1: Klute

B2: Look Into Your Soul

For more information, please visit: https://www.discogs.com/FRISK-The-Soul-Of-Indiscretion-EP/release/429479



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